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Learning All There is To Know About the Pirate Bay Website

The Pirate Bay website is one that feels like it has been around for centuries, yet it’s still a mystery. The Pirate Bay site is a torrent site that lets people stream movies and tv shows, play games, and read books and other reading material for free. People head to Pirate Bay to watch movies that are currently in theaters, or download books for their classes. The site has a variety of products for everyone.

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What’s really interesting about Pirate Bay is that it has existed since 2003. Its creators, Gottfrid Svartholm, Fredrick Neij, and Peter Sunde poured their time and energy into the Swedish torrent site. They also went to jail for varying times because of their involvement in copy infringement. Regardless, the site has still managed to persist.

Nowadays, it’s much easier to use Pirate Bay because it has magnet links instead of torrents. This basically means that people can download straight from the site, instead of installing a torrent conversion application.

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The website is one that has posed a threat in many countries. In fact, 20 different countries have banned the torrent site. They do not wish to get their citizens in trouble, nor do they want their content being stolen. Many people have trouble to stop Pirate Bay. Thirteen years later, however, it’s still one of the most popular sites for free content streaming. That likely won’t change for a long, long time.

What are physibles and how to access them

Introduced in 2012 by the PirateBay, physibles is a category that enables the sharing of 3D printable objects. If you want to explore this category, do the following steps:

Step 1: click on the “Browse Torrents” link that appears on the main page. You will be directed to a page listing the six main categories and their subcategories.

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Step 2: go to “Other” and click on the “Physibles” subcategory. You will be prompted to a list of torrents that links to files containing 3D footprints. Each item of the list contains a title, the upload date, the file size and the username of the uploader. It also contains information on the amount of seeders and leechers at the time of the search.

Step 3: be cautious with what you select. This section has been used by many to upload 3D prints of guns and other dangerous artifacts. Remember, no one has tested these arms, and thus, it can be really dangerous to 3D print and try them without proper care.

Step 4: once you have selected the torrent that you want, click on its title. You will then be prompted to a page containing all the information available on this torrent. Carefully read all the instructions and information presented. Check the file format, the amount of files contained, and any other data that can help you identify potential problems. Check the available comments, as they can provide useful information on the uploaded files, such as the presence of malware, corrupted files and more.

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Step 5: once you have decided positively on this torrent, click on the “GET THIS TORRENT” link. You will then be prompted to a window asking to select a client torrent app. Choose one and continue with the downloading process.

Step 6: once the file is on your computer, check for viruses and its state. It is not so uncommon to find a corrupted file after a download. And once more, remember to be very careful if you are interested in guns: there is no guarantee that they will work.

How to download my favorite comics

The Pirate Bay is a great source of material, and comic lovers can find some interesting items. Searching for them is easy if you have the patience of doing it systematically. Here are some guiding steps:

Step 1: select the “Browse Torrents” link available on the main page of the PirateBay. You will be directed to a page containing a list of the six classification labels used by the site and of their subcategories.

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Step 2: go the “Other” category and search for the “Comics” subcategory. Click on this link. You will see a list of all available torrents.

Step 3:  Search the list for the items you want. However, be aware that, as the site doesn’t monitor uploads and their classifications, you will find some harmful material, such as publications promoting racialism or war. Thus, read the titles thoroughly. They are the best indicators of each torrent content. Also check the usernames. People that promote hate usually use nicknames that show their ideological positions. Check for the amount of seeders and leechers. Remember that if there are no seeders, you won’t be able to download the file, as no one is sharing it.

Step 4: click on the title of the torrent that you want to download. You will receive a page containing information about it. Read it carefully. Check for comments that may indicate harmful content or corrupted files. Make sure that you can read the type of file offered. If you can’t, go back to the list and search for other options with different formats. You can now use a more focused search by inserting keywords and ticking on the option “Others”.

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Step 5: if you decide to get the file, click on the “GET THIS TORRENT” link. You will see a message directing you to a client torrent app. Open it, and continue with the download.

Step 6: once the file is on your machine check it for viruses and verify that it is not corrupted.

Step 7: comics may come as several files wrapped together in a .zip or .tar file. Extract them and enjoy the reading!

How to create a torrent with qBittorrent

If you want to share a file over a torrent network, you will need to create a torrent. qBittorrent can help you in this regard. Note that the version used in this tutorial is 4.2.1, and that different versions may differ slightly. So, if you want to create a torrent by using qBittorrent, follow these steps.

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Step 1: open qBittorrent. You will notice that the app has an item named “Tools” as part of its main menu. Open it, and you will find the “Torrent Creator” sub menu item.

Step 2: click on “Torrent Creator”, or press Ctrl + N. You will be prompted to a window showing the data needed for creating a torrent.

Step 3: fill in the blanks. The most important one is the path to the file or folder to share. Make sure that this field is accurate, and that it contains only the file(s) that you want to share. Remember that you are allowing many unknown people access to the file(s)! Also give the file or directory a guiding name, which describes its content. This will greatly help users to understand what is shared.

Other options available include the possibility of keeping the torrent file private, of starting seeding immediately, and of adding tracker URLs, web seed URLs, comments and sources. Comments are important for the general user, and should include a proper description of the shared file. They complement the title of the file(s).

Step 4: click on the “Create Torrent” button. You will see a message asking where to save the torrent file. Fill it in, and wait until the torrent is created. The app has a progress bar that informs you of the percentage done.

Step 5: check that your torrent file has been properly created. This file will have an extension .torrent and its name will be the name of the shared file. For example, if your file was named “abc.txt”, your torrent file will be created as “abc.txt.torrent”.

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How to know if the Pirate Bay is down

The Pirate Bay has since its inception suffered problems with governments and institutions, mainly due to accusations of helping to break copyright laws. As a result, the site has been shut down many times.

However, The PirateBay has proven to be very resilient and in general has been able to recover in a matter of a few days, and sometimes hours. Thus, as a user of the PirateBay, you may be interested in knowing if the site is experiencing a problem. The best way to find out is as follows:

Step 1: try any of the few well known sites, such as or Both sites provide quite accurate and updated information on the Pirate Bay, and they test the connection frequently.

Step 2: if you cannot find info in any the above mentioned pages, there are a few sites that track the online life of the PirateBay. Some of them appear and disappear quickly. Other last longer. Thus, it is a good idea to begin by googling using keywords such as: how to know if the pirate bay is down. In general, you will find a few good sources of information.

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Step 3: if the Pirate Bay is down at the time of your search, and you want to know why or for how long it will be; know that it is a difficult question to answer, as the administrators of the site usually don’t provide much information. However, a quick Internet search should provide you with the correct answer. Usually, if the Pirate Bay has had problems with the law, it is published immediately.

Step 4: if you find out that the official site of the PirateBay is down, don’t panic. Remember, there are mirrors out there on the Internet, which they can still help you.